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Walden psyc8573 Week 8 Assignment Public Health Prevention Programs

Walden psyc8573 Week 8 Assignment Public Health Prevention Programs


Assignment: Public
Health Prevention Programs

Childhood obesity is becoming a global epidemic. Generally,
obesity has been considered a health problem of developed countries, especially
in the United States. Now, there are more overweight and obese people in low-
and middle-income countries, and this phenomenon is not limited to adults. In
2010, it was estimated that approximately 42 million children under the age of
5 were obese or overweight, and almost 35 million of those children lived in
developing countries (World Health Organization, 2010). Measuring the numbers
for children ages 5 through 14 globally is challenging, because there is not a
standard definition for childhood obesity. While there are some variations,
there are higher percentages of older children and adolescents being overweight
or obese in developing countries (Kimani-Murage, 2011; Editorial, 2008).

One of the primary ways to reduce obesity in children and
adolescents is through prevention, as opposed to relying only on treating the
symptoms and effects of the problem. Developing public health programs to
educate and promote healthy lifestyles to children and adolescents is one
responsibility of health psychology professionals.

For this Application Assignment, select a population for
which to develop a public health program to promote good nutrition and
family-based exercise programs. Your population could be as small as your local
neighborhood or as large as a global initiative (Association of Schools of
Public Health, n.d.). A public health program aimed at childhood obesity
prevention should be culturally appropriate and geared toward the developmental
understanding of the targeted ages, which may ultimately require multiple
approaches. When developing your public health program, you should consider the
availability of resources and access to locations. For example, family-based
treatment programs have shown significant decreases in obesity rates in
children and adolescents. You may want to include the proven approach of family
support for exercise as an element of your public health program (Epstein,
Valoski, Rena, & McCurley, 1994). While exercise may be an appropriate
example within your public health program, you may not want to include
swimming, because of cultural or religious beliefs.

This Application Assignment may be used as the foundation
for your comprehensive program, which is due in Week 10. Please review the Week
10 Assignment for details. Submit your media file to the Week 8 Assignment
submission area using the Kaltura Media option available via the mashup tool.
More information about adding media to the classroom is located on the Kaltura
Media Uploader page in the course navigation menu.

Caveat: Each person participating in the public service
announcement must read and sign the Video/Voice Release Agreement. Find this
form on the Kaltura Media Uploader page located in the course navigation menu
of your online course. Submit the signed form(s) to your Instructor in the Week
8 Assignment Submission link.

Your local health department hires you as a consultant to
develop a health promotion campaign for your community. Your campaign must
include advertising appropriate for your community and targeted health

The Assignment (2–3 pages and the 30-second public service
announcement for a community health promotion campaign)

Write a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) for your
community to promote good nutrition and family-based exercise programs.

Record your PSA and submit it to the Week 8 Assignment
submission area using the Kaltura Media option available via the mashup tool.
More information is located on the Kaltura Media Uploader page in the course
navigation menu.

Create a 2- to 3-page narrative describing your health
promotion campaign.

Include in your descriptive narrative recent trends in poor
diet and exercise and how your program can reduce these trends. The trends may
vary based on your selected community (e.g., local or general). Be sure to
support your trends with the current literature.

Use appropriate APA
references at the bottom of your narrative.

Submit your assignment by Day 7. Submit a Video/Voice
Release Agreement to the Assignment Submission link for each person who
participates in your video


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