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Strategic Planning and Financial Management

Strategic Planning and Financial Management

Strategic Planning and Financial Management.

Assignment: Strategic Planning and Financial Management


The advance practice nurse is preparing to examine the role of strategic planning and financial management. There is a need to address and explore the process of reviewing financial plans and bench-marking to promote quality care. This presentation will examine the Doctor in Nursing Practice Essentials and reflect on how the advanced practice nurse will function in an increasingly global, complex healthcare system.

  • Review the DNP Essentials and choose a competency to address in this presentation.
  • How does the competency that you choose prepare you to address an increasingly complex practice, faculty, and leadership roles related to complex healthcare finance?
  • How does enhanced knowledge help to improve nursing practice and patient outcomes fiscally.
  • How does the advanced practice nurse lead inter-professional teams in the analysis of complex financial concepts?
  • How does the advanced practice nurse integrate considerations of fiscal responsibility into professional practice?
  • As you reflect on being an advanced practice nurse, how will this role enhance global nursing practice?

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, including a title and reference slide, with detailed recorded audio and speaker notes on all content slides. Use at least four scholarly sources and make certain to review the module’s Assignment Rubric before starting your presentation.