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Referred/Deferred Assignment 2 – Professional Reflection

Referred/Deferred Assignment 2 – Professional Reflection

Referred/Deferred Assignment 2 – Professional Reflection.

Assignment Brief:

For this assignment you must produce a personal professional reflection on your performance in the constructing of your assignment one, project proposal for this module.  This assessment contributes 20% to your overall grade.  The resulting reflection must be presented in a report format, using headings and sub-heading where appropriate.  As with all academic work you are expected to engage with literature to inform your practice 

The following is a suggested structure for your report: 

  1. Critical discussion of challenges encountered in the construction of each section of the proposal.
  2. Critical discussion of your interaction and use of support personnel, such as, tutors/peers/supervisors
  3. Critical discussion of skills required/used for successful construction of the proposal
  4. Critical discussion of lessons learnt from the process and strategies to adopt to move forward.
  5. You are required to produce a professional development plan see Blackboard for suggested template.  You should set out a number of goals based on your master’s project, and any career aspirations, the nursing your experiences, encountered in this module and in your previous learning opportunities, complete the support you will need as, outlined in the PDP template on Blackboard, necessary to achieve these goals. 

References: these should be primarily used to support all your discussions.  All references in the reference list must also appear within the body of the report. 

Presentation Guidelines – The report must include: 

Front sheet:

  • Module: KF7028 – Research and Project Management
  • Module tutor: Shelagh Keogh
  • Assignment title: Personal Professional Reflection
  • Student name + university identifier (always underline the surname/family name by which you are recorded in the university systems)
  • Programme or course of study
  • Word Count: Word count minus the appendices

Notes on presentation & submission:

The report must be written and presented to an appropriate academic standard for a postgraduate programme of study.  The report will be assessed in terms of style, meaning, and the accuracy of spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.


  • Correct and thorough referencing of your sources of information is required.  You should follow a consistent referencing system, and provide a full reference list and brief references in the text of your answer.  ‘Cite them Right’ advises direct quotations should be indicated by quotation marks or indentation, and referenced.  Failure to acknowledge your sources or to indicate when you are quoting constitutes plagiarism.  Action will be taken in accordance with the University regulations if academic misconduct is suspected.  
  • Using MS Word and show appropriate and consistent use of typefonts and line spacing (for this assignment use Arial 12 and single spacing) and page layouts.
  • Give each page a footer that includes your student number, the module code, and a page number.

Further advice on these issues, can be found on: