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Principles of Leadership

Principles of Leadership

Principles of Leadership.

Discussion week 7

What challenges may occur with collaboration? Give an example of the importance of interprofessional teamwork.

Be sure to apply concepts from the readings and research. You must cite (with reference) at least one source: your textbook, scholarly resources, or ATI textbook (no blogs, Wiki, or other school of nursing website) in current APA Style.





Journal week 8


Write a brief essay identifying leadership strengths. Discuss your strengths and how they match these leadership strengths. Explore a potential plan to enhance areas that you identify in yourself as weak.

This is shared only with your instructor.  Minimum 250  words. 

· No title page needed

· One full page typed and double spaced is equivalent to 250 words (your minimum required)

· References and citations should be scholarly, peer-reviewed (no blogs, WIKI, or other school of nursing website) written in Current APA Style