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PHIL 0350 Week 1 Quiz

PHIL 0350 Week 1 Quiz | San Francisco State University

PHIL 0350 Week 1 Quiz | San Francisco State University.

Question 1

Which discipline started the study of risk perception

  • Economy
  • Sociology
  • Social psychology

Question 2

What is, according to Michel Foucault, one consequence of risks becoming omnipresent in political discourse (should we mitigate climate change, should we reduce immigration, should we ban electronic cigarettes etc.)

  • New risks have become accepted as necessary parts of life in modern society
  • Individuals have become identified as members of certain population-at-risk (risk of being flooded, risk of losing their jobs, risk of becoming addicted etc)
  • The meaning of risk has evolved so that members of the public would be less inclined to show opposition to political decisions regarding the management of social risks

Question 3

According to Beck, one aspect of a risk society is that

  • Society is more concerned with how to handle risks than with how wealth and power is distributed
  • Society develops an increased reflective awareness of its moral obligation to mitigate risks
  • Trust in institutions in charge of managing  risk and reliance on them becomes prominent

Question 4

Doing philosophy of risk in this course will consist in

  • Examining some arguments and clarifying some concepts related to risk
  • Examining our psychological attitudes towards risks
  • Explaining the existential significance of risk in our lives


Question 5

What is required for the contribution to the forums?

  • Either an original post or at least one reply to another post
  • An original post and at least two replies to another post
  • An original post and at least one reply to another post

Question 6

What topic about risk will NOT be studied in this course?

What kinds of factors influence our perception of risk

Traditional principles and method of how to manage risks

Psychology of risk-taking and risk-aversion

Question 7

Have you answered all the questions?

  • NO
  • YES