Nursing Presentation Writing



As part of my overseas program I had to deliver a 15 minutes presentation on choice of subject in front of my colleagues. An effective presentation makes the best use of the relationship between the presenter and the audience. It takes full consideration of the audience’s needs in order to capture their interest, develop their understanding, inspire their confidence and achieve the presenter’s objectives (University of Leicester, 2009).

According to Nickolas (2003), to facilitate an effective presentation there are four elements. They are: Planning, Preparation, Practicing, Presenting


It includes selection of an important topic, finding the learning outcomes, organizing the content, preparing the visuals.


The main aim is to prepare clear, simple and attractive visuals. For eg: effective power point slides.


Practice makes perfection it includes rehearse and pre rehearse. In rehearse practicing the things you are intend doing, but in pre rehearse practicing the things you might have to do.


It includes facial expression, pace, voice, body movements, use of pointer, roles etc…

In order to write a reflection I selected Gibbs 1988 model. It is mainly used by health professionals. To reflect is not enough, you then have to put into practice the learning and new understanding you have gained therefore allowing the reflective process to inform your practice. Taking action is the key; Gibbs prompts the practitioner to formulate an action plan. This enables the reflective practitioner to look at their practice and see what they would change in the future, how they would develop/improve their practice (Gibbs, 1988).

It has got six different stages. Which are description, feeling ,evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan.


As part of my overseas nursing program I had to deliver a 15 minutes presentation on choice of subject on the final day at university. On my period of planning I was very confused about the selection of topic. Variety of topics was in my mind. Finally I decided my topic which was percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feeding and the care of patient with PEG.

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