Nursing 6053 Module 3 Wk 5

Nurs 6053 Module 3 Wk 5 Respond To Discussion 2: Your Leadership Profile

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Question Description & Instructions

please respond to Sona Voskerchyan and Frances Cornett half a page each
RE: Discussion – Week 5
Wk 5 discussion main post.

In my previous discussion, I emphasized the importance of Emotional Intelligence which is the ability to relate to others and be aware of others’ feelings, emotions and needs as well as your own (Huand et al., 2018). It is very important to know what your abilities and your strengths are. By knowing your weaknesses and your strengths, you can work on them by further sharpening your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. As stated by Rath (2007), extraordinary room for growth exists and when we know what our talents are, we can put most of our energy in developing our talents more (p. 9). Knowing our strengths will help us to determine where we fit in and work in the strength zone as working out of the strength zone is associated with more negative than positive interactions, we are more likely to treat our customers poorly, we achieve less, we have a less positive and creative moment, and we dread going to work (Rath, 2007, p. 12). Developing better insight into yourself can help you work with others more successfully, interact more effectively, and increase your efficiency and productivity (Frayha & Habicht). Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder tool is a great resource in identifying your five strengths as well as giving ideas for actions and develop strategies to work with people with certain strengths.

The five strengths that were generated for me were Learner, Input, Competition, Analytical, and Individualization.

Based on the analysis generated a person with a strong learning skill loves to learn and will always be drawn to the process of learning. The process is what excites them most rather than the content. (Rath, 2007, p. 133). Knowing my strengths, I do agree that being a learner is my first strength and I do enjoy the process of learning. For me, learning is a lifelong process and there is always something that I can learn. Perhaps, this is the strength that helped me to master the English language when I came to the United States without knowing the ABCs at the age of 23. I then graduated from nursing school, now I am enjoying the process of learning to become a nurse practitioner and I already have a plan to master a fourth language (Spanish) after my NP program. Hence, the strengths finder was accurate in finding my first strength.

Input was my second strength and according to Rath (2007), a person with that strength likes to collect things that could be facts, books, butterflies, or information. They store things believing that those may be useful later in life (p. 125). I, however, could not relate this strength to me. I do like reading and collecting information and I believe that there is no unnecessary information and anything I read, I might need it later, but I definitely do not consider input as being my second strength.

Competition was my third strength and based on analysis, people with this strength like contests because they produce winners, they also like and value their competitors because in all competitions there are other people with whom they can compete. They compete to win and if they do not outperform their peers, the achievement feels empty. Over time they avoid contests where winning seems unlikely (Rath, 2007, p. 69). This describes me very clearly. Very accurate description although I do not always look at it as a strength rather than a weakness.

Analytical people challenge other people requiring proof and evidence behind what is being claimed to be true. This is not done to destroy other people’s ideas but to insist on the soundness of their theories. They like data. It is important that the analysis and questioning are not delivered to harshly or else problems can be created (Rath, 2007, p. 49). I do recognize this to be my strength. I like speaking facts and I like it when people speak facts as well. I do question the evidence behind certain practices, and I do lead to a change of certain practices with sound evidence of what is better and what is not.

Individualization is someone’s ability to focus on the unique qualities of each individual. A person with this strength observes each person’s motivations, style, and how each person thinks. They are kin observers and they tailor their teaching styles to accommodate others based on the assessed individual needs. This ability helps them recognize other people’s strengths and build productive teams allowing everyone to do a lot of what they do well (Rath, 2007, p. 121). I do agree that this is one of my major strengths. Even though it was recognized as my fifth strength, I believe that this is my second biggest strength based on my insight and my emotional intelligence.

Core values are principles that guide human behaviors and actions (Marshall & Broome, 2017, p. 7). Two values I would like to strengthen are efficiency and open-mindedness. It is very important to be efficient in your work environment to maximize productivity which is a critical component in the financial well-being of a given organization (Marshall & Broome, 2017, p. 96).

Being born in a different culture with different standards and values, I sometimes face the challenge of accepting certain values and practices that are different from my own. It is very important to be open-minded and accept the unique differences amongst individuals. This is a value that I have been working on and I feel that I need some more improvement.

Two skills that I need to strengthen more are my communication and listening skills. I have mentioned in my previous discussion about the importance of the tone of voice in which the information is being conveyed and how the same message could be interpreted differently if it is communicated in two different ways. It is also very important to be a good listener and genuinely listen to each individual. Sometimes no words can say more than unnecessary words. I feel this is one skill I would want to further strengthen.

Two characteristics that I would want to improve are optimism and resilience. Optimism is the ability to relate to positive future events with pertinent development reasons, and resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from the difficulties and go higher (Buenaventura-Vera, 2018). This are the two characteristics that I need to work on to further strengthen.

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Frances Cornett
RE: Discussion – Week 5

Research by Rath (2007) and a group of Gallup scientists decided to focus on improving the attributes of individuals instead of trying to fix the weaknesses in their shortcomings. Rath advises that individuals have better capacity for growth when they capitalize energy in cultivating their strengths as an alternative to amending their deficiencies (Rath, 2007). Founded on Gallup’s 40-year research of human strengths, the scientists designed a language of the 34 most familiar talents and established the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to assist individuals in detecting and describing these talents (Rath, 2007). Their studies indicated that individuals who have an occasion to concentrate on their strengths daily as being six times more likely to report having engagement in their jobs and three times as likely to say that they have an exceptional quality of life (Rath, 2007). In contrast, when individuals do not get to focus on their strengths, they report not being engaged in their employment (Rath, 2007). On completion of the assessment, individuals receive ten suggestions for improvement according to their top five revealed findings of the assessment (Rath, 2007).

Strengths Finder Assessment Results

According to Gallup Access (2020), on completion, my strengths finder assessment revealed that my top strength is harmony. The description of harmony explains that individuals remarkably endowed with this strength prefer situations harmony and understanding rather than quarreling and disagreement (Gallup Access, 2020). The second strength revealed in my assessment was consistency, indicating exceptional talent in being zealous in treating individuals the same and desiring balanced routines along with transparent policies and rules that people can respect (Gallup Access, 2020). Thirdly, the strength learner was revealed and explained as a description of individuals with extreme yearning to learn and unceasingly improve with their focus being on the outcome (Gallup Access, 2020). Fourth, intellection was found as a strength and is characterized by activities that are intellectual; as they value intellectual conversations and are soul-searching (Gallup Access, 2020). Fifth on strengths finder assessment is focus, which explains that individuals with this strength are extraordinarily capable in taking direction, following through and correcting as necessary to stay on point as their focus is prioritize and then act.

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Strengthening Harmony Core Values, Strengths, and Characteristics

I n strengthening a core value based on my top assessment finding of consistency, I will display respect, equality, openness, sportsmanship, and servant leadership in improving my talent by building a network of individuals with varied perspectives to assist me in the learning process. In strengthening my harmony talent, I can become more skillful by practicing techniques for solving conflict with no confrontation. Without such skillful techniques, one could find themselves avoiding conflicts, leaving them unsettled, which could lead me to passive- aggressive behavior (Rath, 2007). Characteristics to strengthen my harmony talent is to exhibit respect and step aside in situations when an individual with more expertise arrives and inviting those with superior expertise to consult

Strengthening Consistency Core Values, Strengths, and Characteristics

In strengthening a core value based on my second assessment finding of consistency, I will become knowledgeable of rules, polices, and procedures, clarifying them with leaders and followers and support the following of such by everyone involved. In doing so, I can demonstrate and encourage equality, integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership. In strengthening my consistency talent, I can become more skillful with assisting others in appreciating the reasoning behind decisions, while yet standing firm on rules, policies, and procedures Characteristics to improve in my consistency talent is display behavior according to what I am preaching to others and to pinpoint credit to individuals who truly deserve the recognition.


Gallop Access. (2020). Your clifton strengths. Retrieved on June 30, 2020, from

Rath, T. (2007). Gallup strengths center. Retrieved on June 30, 2020, from fi/9!/4/4@0.00:29.2

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Nursing 6053 Module 3 Wk 5


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