N 490 Aspen University Module 1 Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Discussion

N 490 Aspen University Module 1 Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Discussion

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Welcome to Module 1

Module 1 Discussion Question: Answer the following questions honestly – this is safe space to reflect and learn about topics we cover! Some students like to type their discussion post first in a Word document to check grammar, spelling and word count. Then they copy and paste it into the textbox. If you do this, you will need to use ‘ctrl v’ to paste it.

  • Discuss the current public image of nursing and how events in history have formed that image.

Initial post is due on Thursday, Replies are due on Sunday. To be successful on the board:

  • Meet the word requirement fully for all required posts. The minimum word count for your initial post is 400. Two replies must be 200 minimum for each one. Any initial post less than 400 words and any reply less than 200 will be docked points. Word count does not include the references at the bottom – most students miss points here by counting the references in their word count.
  • All questions posed are answered fully in detail. Spelling and grammar are without errors.
  • Two replies are insightful, educational and relevant to the learning experience.
  • The directions state to use at least one scholarly source other than the textbook (or given materials) and cite in text in APA and reference in APA at the bottom.
  • Correct APA is required in citations and references. All citations must have a reference and all references must be cited in the text.

Module 1 Assignment: Due Monday. This first week’s assignment is an APA paper of 1000 words with a required 3 sources used throughout the paper – cited and referenced correctly in APA. Rubric is for an APA Essay found in the Assignment Upload link in the lower right corner– please review. This week we talk about Building the Profession of Nursing:

  • First, explore the history of nursing and choose two events/topics from history related to nursing (ie education, practices, important people, etc.) and explain each one in detail and why they are important to the nursing profession.
  • Next, research two professional nursing organizations and discuss the following for each organization chosen:
    • The name of the organization and why this organization is important to nursing
    • What resources they provide to members
    • Cost of membership and how many members are part of the organization
    • Current issues the organization is working on
    • Finally, after researching this question answer in detail: Why are Professional Organizations in general important to nursing as a profession?

ANYTIME YOU COMPLETE A PAPER/ESSAY in this course you must follow the APA rules. Use these requirements to attain full credit regardless if they are all listed out in the directions within the course.

  • Set paper with 1-inch margins all around. Spacing ‘before’ and ‘after’ set at 0. Entire document including reference list and running is double spaced, Times New Roman, font 12 with all paragraphs indented on the first line by 1/2 inch.
  • One title page with APA running heads and page numbers and the title, your name, school, professor’s name and credentials, date. Video for running head directions 
  • There is NO ABSTRACT in papers for this course. At the top of page 2 you will repeat the title of your assignment (not in bold, but centered) and then write a brief introduction paragraph of the ENTIRE paper (main sections should be mentioned; THIS INCLUDES ANY TOPICS FOR CASE STUDY SECTIONS).
  • Intro is followed by a Level 1 subheading (bold and centered) for the first half of the assignment. This week it’s Nursing Past Related to Current Profession. Any question/point you are addressing under this heading should be marked clearly with Level 2 subheading which are bolded and flush left.
  • Immediately after the first section above without any spaces, you will also use another Level 1 subheading (bold and centered) prior to the second half of the assignment which is the case study. This week it’s Professional Nursing Organizations. Again, differentiate which question/point you are answering by using a Level 2 subheading (bold and at the left margin).
  • After both sections are discussed at length – there will be ONE Conclusion – needed for all papers as the last Level 1 subheading bold and centered that summarizes the entire paper/knowledge gained
  • There will be ONE alphabetized reference page for all sources set “hanging” with references in APA format. All citations need a reference!
  • All references listed are cited correctly in APA format in the text! Points are docked for incorrect citations and not meeting the source requirement!
  • Should use 3rd person the majority of the time but it is OK to use 1st person when describing a personal experience related to a specific question.

Have a great week!

Professor Haldeman (Heidi)




Discuss the current public image of nursing and how events in history have formed that image.

Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. Please reply to at least two classmates. Replies to classmates should be at least 200 words in length.


DQ1 UMBO – 3
DQ1 PLG – 1
DQ1 CLO – 1



Discussion and Assignments: Please pay attention to the following requirements to not lose points:

  • Number of words required
  • Number of references required, when applicable
  • Number of replies required to your classmates (for discussions)

A note on your APA assignments:

  • Every paper needs a title page
  • Every paper needs a reference page started on its own page, in hanging paragraph format
  • Every paper needs to be written in APA format, remembering these basics:
    • 1 inch margins
    • Double-spaced
    • References in APA format and proper in-text citations
  • When in doubt, combine assignments into one paper with one title page and one reference page.
  • For my classes I do not require a table of contents or an abstract.

A note on your APA PowerPoints:

  • The title slide needs your name and credentials, the class, the date, the title, and my name: Just like the title page of a paper.
  • The reference list and the citations in the presentation need to be match up, just like in a paper. This is done by putting the citation on the slide where it is used, on the bottom right of the slide, in parenthesis.
  • The reference list needs to be in APA format: Either in hanging paragraph format or with bullet points.
  • Graphics are allowed, but a slide with a graphic will NOT count towards your slide count.
  • MULTIMEDIA are required, and worth 30 points of your PowerPoint.
  • IMPORTANT! The content needs to be substantial. No, you should not overwhelm a slide with words, but spreading out a list of 4 bullet points to 4 different slides in not acceptable either.

Due dates

Initial postings to the discussion boards are due on Thursday at midnight pacific time. Responses to classmates for both discussions are due on Sunday at midnight pacific time. Assignments are due Monday at midnight pacific time. New modules will open every Tuesday.


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N 490 Aspen University Module 1 Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Discussion


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