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TOPIC: Interpersonal Process (IPR)


Course Competency

Describe the foundations of mental health nursing.


Transferable Skill

Communication: Displaying capability in writing, reading, and oral communication; understanding of non-verbal language.



It will be carried out with ONE Nursing students ( you) and imaging assessing a client. In this assignment, the nursing student(you) will be demonstrating the therapeutic nurse-client relationship and analyzing the therapeutic and nontherapeutic techniques used.


This is not about always having therapeutic responses. It is about learning from practice and review. It is expected that you will think of other ways to respond or interact with the client that may be more therapeutic after the interaction is terminated. After the conversation is over, you will complete in IPR form. ( It is attached)


The client roles are:

· MS. MARY is a 69-year-old retired engineer. She was admitted to the in-patient psychiatric unit the previous day. Her daughter had called the police when she locked herself in her bathroom and refused to come out. She thought her was suicidal. She was brought to the hospital by the police and was admitted on involuntary status. She has been reticent since admission but told her daughter she had no reason to live since her husband died.

· Diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder

· Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for suicide.


After the conversation, you will document the interactions using the form provided and following the guidelines instructions for each column.


IPR Form Explanation


The IPR is completed with the form to guide you, and the rubric to explain the grading process for content.


IPR Form


Top of Form


· The first column is for you, the nursing student’s, comments/ questions, and responses. You may want to include the introduction process. It is understandable if the initial conversation is more superficial to establish rapport. You may not want to include all of this but move on to the more focused interaction. Your nonverbal communication is included here.

· Then, the conversation will move to a focus on the client’s feelings, concerns, issues as he/she has identified them. After the introduction, it may be beneficial to establish with the client a short- term goal for the interaction.

· The second column is for the client’s comments, questions, responses. Also, the nonverbal reactions of the client are included in this column.

· The middle column is for you (nursing student) to write what you are thinking or feeling.

· The last two columns are for you (nursing student) to document the technique that you (nursing student) used in that portion of the conversation. If it is a non – therapeutic response, you (nursing student) are to write the response and think of how you (nursing student) could revise to more therapeutic response. You (nursing student) can change any response if you (nursing student) think of how you could have responded differently but, identify and change all non – therapeutic responses.



Rubric Criteria please follow all direction to gain all points


Explanation of the Rubric Criteria


· Communication (20 verbal entries, ten nonverbal, ten techniques)

· Criteria 1 Nursing Interaction (verbal and nonverbal) – Nursing statements and questions demonstrate a positive, caring approach and show insight into the client needs. These interchanges will include the introduction process, but not the more superficial interchanges. Nonverbal communication techniques are also recognized. Thoughts and feelings are identified and documented.

· Criteria 2 The client verbal statements and questions are documented. Nonverbal communication is also observed and interpreted. You may also identify defense mechanism(s) used by the client.

· Criteria 3 – All communication techniques used are identified (using titles previously reviewed).

· Criteria 4 All non-therapeutic techniques to be identified and changed to a therapeutic method. If in the review of the interaction, a more appropriate or therapeutic approach (verbal or nonverbal) is identified, document how this response/ statement would be changed



Bottom of Form






DUE 10/16/2021 AT 9pm

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