Med Surge

Med Surge

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Med Surge

Meeting Times Class Length: 10 weeks

For every 1 hour in a theory class, it is expected that students complete 2–3 hours of study in preparation for class. For this course, it is expected that a minimum of 10–15 hours of study outside of class is completed each week. Please check your Student Portal for specific class meeting times, dates, and locations.

In some courses, there is a required online Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Class Session in week 10. Please see course specifics below.

You are not required to complete any pre-work before Week 1, however, preparation for class is recommended.

 Contact Information

 Course Description This is the first medical surgical nursing course in a series of three devoted to learning the professional aspects of therapeutic nursing care. The focus is on the key concepts in the care of patients with medical and surgical conditions utilizing the nursing process. Also included is the role of patient advocate and manager of care, utilizing principles of therapeutic communication, research, and teaching learning concepts.

Total Course Credits:


Total Course Hours:


Lecture Hours In-Class:


Lab Hours:


Supervised Clinical/Practicum Hours:


Externship/Internship Hours:


Requisites Course Prerequisites: NURS 100, NURS 101L

Course Corequisites: NURS 121L

 Course Learning Outcomes 1. Summarize the nursing process in care of the patient with alterations in health. 2. Classify priorities in the care of patients with alterations in health using the following applicable concepts: oxygenation, nutrition,

perfusion, fluid/electrolyte regulation, infection/inflammation, tissue integrity, pain, metabolism, elimination, and safety.

WCU Miami · College of Nursing

NURS 120 Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing 202006SUI VR D-01 202006SUI 2020 Section 06/15/2020 to 08/23/2020 Modified 06/01/2020

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3. Identify interprofessional collaboration/team management needs of the patient with alterations in health. 4. Examine the pharmacologic, nutritional, developmental, and teaching needs of the patient with alterations in health.

This course meets the following outcomes and competency standards:

Week CLOs PLOs ILOs AACN Essentials

1 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

2 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

3 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

4 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

5 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

6 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

7 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

8 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

9 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX

10 1–4 1–9 1–7 I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX


 Program Learning Outcomes


College of Nursing Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Nursing is to provide evidence-based and innovative nursing education to culturally diverse learners, preparing nurses to provide quality and compassionate care responsive to the needs of the community and the global society.

College of Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy of the College of Nursing is that education is a continuous process occurring in phases throughout an individual’s lifetime. Nurses are lifelong learners and critical thinkers.

Program Learning Outcomes

The following Program Learning Outcomes were selected to provide the essential body of knowledge and experience necessary to educate students to move directly into their new role. For the undergraduate, this role is as professional registered nurses according to the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (AACN, 2008). (

1. Support professional nursing practice decisions with concepts and theories from the biological, physical, and social sciences. 2. Plan preventative and population-focused interventions with attention to effectiveness, efficiency, cost, and equity. 3. Support therapeutic nursing interventions for patients and families in a variety of healthcare and community settings using

evidence-based practice. 4. Apply nursing process and critical thinking when providing holistic, patient-centered nursing care to diverse populations.

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5. Design healthcare education for individuals, families, and communities. 6. Comply with the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct in practice. 7. Develop an effective communication style to interact with patients, families, and the interdisciplinary health team. 8. Model leadership when providing safe, quality nursing care, when coordinating the healthcare team, and when tasked with

oversight and accountability for care delivery. 9. Use patient care technology and information systems when providing nursing care in a variety of settings.

 Course Materials Visit the West Coast University bookstore ( to purchase any required materials, including publisher access codes, as needed.

Please be aware that used textbooks may not include access codes, study guides and/or DVDs containing additional course materials that may be required for the course. In some cases supplemental materials may be directly purchased from the publisher. However, students will be held accountable for obtaining these materials in order to meet all course requirements.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Author: American Psychological Association Publisher: American Psychological Association Edition: 7th Optional

Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests Author: Fischbach, F. & Dunning, M. B. Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Edition: 9th

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems

Author: Lewis, S. L., Dirksen, S. R., Heitkemper, M. M., & Bucher, L., & Camera, I. M. Publisher: Mosby Elsevier Edition: 11th

Recommended Texts, Learning Resources U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2008). AIDS Info: A Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved from American Diabetes Association ( National Kidney Foundation (


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