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HC 351 Week 4 Discussion 1

HC 351 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Park University

HC 351 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Park University

Week 4 Discussion

Unit 4: Discussion

Directing and Controlling-Budgetary Control of Ultimate Resources  Discussion Areas- Class Cases/ Reflections

Please read and develop a response for the following statement keeping in mind the below reflective statements.

Statement: Please discuss and describe what you have learned from your text  regarding the requirements of a successful budget.

For each week, after reading the selected article or case write a reflection on the discussion board and include:

  • A summary of three main points you gained from the reading (You may list the points, but elaborate each enough to show your thoughts so you can talk about them and we can understand them.)
  • Your findings and connections that you make (What seems particularly true or sensible to you as you read, and why you think so? Does this article connect in any ways to: course lecture content and other readings in this course, prior knowledge?)
  • Write about your ponderings or puzzlements. What has left you  confused or wondering or uncertain? What didn’t you understand? What questions does it raise in your mind?
  • Rating. On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 the most positive and 5 the least) how would you rate this reading in terms of its value to you?