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GCU ELM530 All Weeks Discussions

GCU ELM530 All Weeks Discussions.

GCU ELM530 All Weeks Discussions

ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full CourseWeek 1 Discussion 

DQ1 What is classroom assessment? What is the difference between a classroom assessment and a test? What are some examples of types/styles of assessments?

DQ2 What steps are necessary when creating a classroom assessment? What steps might you take first before all others? Why?


ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full Course

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 As a teacher, how would you use standards in terms of creating a rubric? How does this help in analyzing an assessment?

DQ2Author Rick Wormeli describes a “working definition of mastery” in the following way:

Students have mastered content when they demonstrate a thorough understanding as evidenced by doing something substantive with the content beyond merely echoing it. Anyone can repeat information; it’s the masterful student who can break content into its component pieces, explain it and alternative perspectives regarding it cogently to others, and use it purposefully in new situations.

How can assessment planning help teachers guide students toward mastery in the way Wormeli describes?


ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full Course

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 What is the overall goal for using student self-assessments? Are self-assessments best used for pre-assessment, formative assessment, or summative assessment, or are they all equal in value? Explain your answers.

DQ2 How can students benefit by setting, monitoring, and evaluating their own learning goals? How can teachers assist students in this process?


ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full Course

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Identify at least two types of feedback. How would you use these in your own classroom? How might you have to differentiate these types depending on the student’s needs and learning styles?

DQ2 What is the difference between effective praise and ineffective praise? How does this relate to performance-based assessment?

ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full Course

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 What resources might you utilize when creating assessments to meet diverse students’ needs in addition to accommodations? With whom might you make contact in order to obtain further information about students’ needs? For example, this may refer to ELL students or students with IEPs.

DQ2 Identify what the difference is between presentation accommodations and response accommodations. Provide an example of how each accommodation could be implemented or presented in your assessment.


ELM 530 Types and Purposes of Assessment Full Course

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1 Explain the process you have taken to complete your Comprehensive Assessment Plan. Where are you in this process? Where have you seen challenges? What have you done to address those challenges?

DQ2 How can assessment be used to promote continuous intellectual and social development?

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GCU ELM530 All Weeks Discussions

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