FIU NUR4636 Exam 4

FIU NUR4636 Exam 4 july 2019

FIU NUR4636 Exam 4.

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Question 1

The public’s perception of marijuana’s safety has grown. You
are teaching drug avoidance to a group of adults who are in favor of marijuana
legalization so it can help cure their many ailments. Your response should be:

Legalization will make it available to all people for relief
of their many symptoms

Use of marijuana has been scientifically proven to be
effective in most illnesses

There is very little scientific evidence to support the use
of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been proven to be very safe and not

Question 2

Advanced level functions of psychiatric mental health
nursing practice includes all the following except:

Medication management


Consultation and management

Electroconvulsive therapy

Question 3

What is a flexible and dynamic tool designed to help
organize the Public health Department respond to emergencies?

Disaster Management

Incident Command System

Global Command Management

EEOC Office

Question 4

In disaster triage, where does primary triage occur?

in the field

at the point of entry into the medical facility

in the specified area where the patient is taken (for
example, emergency department)

at a staging area

Question 5

The majority of shooters involved in mass shootings have
mental illness as the common denominator:



Question 6

Which are the greatest barriers to access comprehensive,
appropriate, and timely psychiatric care in both private and public systems?

Lack of insurance coverage

Economics and cost of care

Provider unavailability and limitations

All of the above

Question 7

You are working at an urgent clinic and you are supposed to
provide discharge instructions to a patient with severe depression that does
not have insurance. He is told to follow up with a psychiatrist but they
mention they can’t afford one. As a patient advocate and professional nurse,
you can educate the patient about the community resources available and refer
them to the most appropriate follow up which would be:

Emergency Room

Private Psychiatrist office

Community Mental Health Center

Partial Hospitalization Program

Question 8

What are the skills that community health nurses in
particular bring to a disaster?

emergency treatment, triage, and community assessment

rescue, triage, and emergency communication

acute care, pediatrics, and geriatrics experience

program planning, community assessment, and group dynamics

Question 9

The Parkland Florida school shooting is an example of mental
health disorders that escalate out of control because they are overlooked or
untreated. The most important concept to address this is:

Prevention and early intervention

Baker Act and hospitalization

Imprisonment and rehabilitation

Gun control and School guidance counselors

Question 10

What was a consequence of the Community Mental health
Centers Act (CMCA)?

Addressing the right of the mentally ill

Deinstitutionalization of large psychiatric hospitals

Shifting the responsibility of the mentally ill from the
states to the federal government

Establishment of the National Institute of Mental Health


Question 11

Drug abuse is influenced by multiple factors that could

lack of attachment to the family

inability to cope with stress

poor quality of role models

All of the above

Question 12

A Community Health Nurse can work with multiple government
agencies and departments to:

educate residents about emergent and major disasters

prepare and strengthen community response to disasters

the inherent risks of natural and human-generated disasters

Generate data results after a disaster to prevent future

Question 13

The Primary Mental Health Care model delivers P-MH nursing
that is


Nursing home-based

Community- based

All of the above

Question 14

Many addicts have to resort to criminal activity such as
theft, burglary, and shoplifting to support their habit.



Question 15

According to the Mental Health Crisis video, which of the
following is true?

As psychiatric hospitals went down, incarcerations went up

As psychiatric hospitals went down, outpatient services

As psychiatric hospitals went down, social services improved

As psychiatric hospitals went down, medications for mental
health increased

Question 16

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Marijuana
is the leading illicit substance mentioned in adolescent emergency department
admissions and autopsy reports, and is considered one of the major contributing
factors leading to violent deaths and accidents among adolescents.



Question 17

During recovery or rehabilitation after a disaster, what
authorization is necessary before FEMA can respond?

executive order by the governor(s)

decision by the Department of Homeland Security

executive order by the president

formal request by medical personnel in the field

Question 18

The specialty nursing role that bridges healthcare and the
criminal justice system is :

Public and Mental Health Nursing

Civil Service Nursing

Forensic Nursing

Clinical Forensic Specialist

Question 19

Current research on marijuana reveals that there is a 2 fold
increase in motor vehicle accidents from motor control deficits including
slowed reaction time, and impaired coordination.



Question 20

The belief that almost all abusers of more powerfully
addictive drugs have first experimented with stimulants, alcohol, tobacco, or
marijuana, is also known as __________ theory.





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