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Current Trends in Fitness and Wellness Assmt Part 2

Current Trends in Fitness and Wellness Assmt Part 2

Current Trends in Fitness and Wellness Assmt Part 2. I have attached the instructions and needed materials for this assignment. Please review and ensure you can complete this assignment before committing. Thanks!

Week #5 Assignment* Instructions

Deliverable Items: Video or Voice-over PPT Introduction submitted to two (2) classroom areas

1. submit to Media Gallery for peer feedback and collaboration

2. and submit to the assignments area for grading


Week 5 -Presentation (video or PPT) -after a 2-3 weeks of working on this, you will now prepare a video that depicts your trend (and/or organization) and how it can be implemented.


*for 508 compliance all of our presentations should also have a transcript. So, please also prepare and submit a transcript for this presentation.


Video or Voice-over PPT Introduction using Media Gallery


The paper you submitted for week three served as an introduction and projection of your idea. This week you will prepare a short presentation, which can take many forms. The actual presentation (voiceover/video) is what the transcript should be of.

Please prepare a short video (minimum 3-4 minutes) or voice-over PowerPoint introduction of the project you detailed in your Week #3 Assignment. Requirements include:

• Show the type of community or organization (health club, gym, community center)

• Describe, or show examples of the current issue/trend you are addressing

• Be sure to demonstrate/discuss how your idea using this current trend/issue can be

implemented and be beneficial to this organization/community

• Use the details that you have already gathered for your week 3 assignment as your guide

• Prepare and provide transcript for your presentation and upload along with your media



***I have also attached the part 1 for this assignment to refer to***