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BI 214 Week 6 Discussion 1

BI 214 Week 6 Discussion 1 | Park University

BI 214 Week 6 Discussion 1 | Park University

Unit 6: Discussion 1

Some people believe that if we could just control these three categories of substances, there would be no more crime and as a nation the medical costs and cost of living in general would decrease.  As you answer these questions, don’t just think about this on the grandiose scale, but rather think about what each of us can do.  There are two discussion threads.

You are required to post your initial answers; your comments on the postings of your classmates are due on Sunday at midnight.  Please be sure that your comments to peers are substantive; do not simply write “I disagree”; if you disagree, go on to explain your comment and add your own insights. All initial and follow-up responses require research and appropriate citations. You should have a minimum of two postings (one initial and one/more follow-up response/s) for each thread.

The following rubric will be used to score your discussion postings:

0-3 points Only minimal response given with no elaboration OR failed to complete follow-up postings
4-7 points Basic response and follow-up posting; all were clear and relevant, but needed more detail.
8-10 points All responses were elaborated, clear, and detailed; complete responses and follow-up postings.

Discussion Topic

There are a variety of activities, behaviors, or even hobbies upon which some individuals can become psychologically dependent. Some of these activities may not be as life threatening as chemical addictions or eating disorders, but they can have profound negative effects on the individual and society. We don’t really know the reason why some people compulsively engage in a behavior, while others can engage in the same activity without becoming psychologically dependent upon it. In general, any behavior that is compulsively done by a person to the extent that it causes physical, social, or psychological problems to the individual, his/her family, or society would be considered to be an addictive behavior for that individual.

  • Using information from your book or another source, discuss two specific behaviorsthat are classified as addictions.
  • What characteristicslead to classification of those behaviors as “addictions”? You will need to research what these characteristics are and provide those sources.

Remember to correctly cite any source you use and if you use direct quotes, use them sparingly and include quotation marks!
You might want to check to be sure you correctly paraphrased your response by running your post through the Plagiarism Checker (Links to an external site.)before posting!