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BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 2

BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 2 | Park University

BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 2 | Park University

Unit 1: Wellness Project

Use this link for the Wellness Assessment and after you complete it post it to Submit Assignment.  After you have completed the general wellness assessment then go to the individual surveys for the five different dimensions of wellness.  Submit all of these documents using Submit Assignment.  I do realize that there is one dimension that is not addressed and that is intellectual. Make sure that you complete all 6 assessments.

The following rubric will be used to score your Wellness Project Assessments:

General Assessment – 5 pts

Physical Wellness Assessment – 2 pts

Social Wellness Assessment – 2 pts

Emotional Wellness Assessment – 2 pts

Environmental Wellness Assessment – 2 pts

Spiritual Wellness Assessment – 2 pts

Total – 15 pts