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BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 1

BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 1 | Park University

BI 214 Week 1 Assignment 1 | Park University

Unit 1—Complete the Nutrition Information Worksheet to examine your diet.  Place in the Nutrition Project Unit 1.  (15 pts)

Unit 2— Using a free account selected tracker suggested by your instructor, you will record your daily diet during Unit 2.  Please be honest about what you have eaten.  You are supposed to record your diet four (4) days.  A perfect diet wouldn’t leave much room for changes and discussion, so your honesty will benefit you here!

—Return to your nutrition tracker and go to the last day of your recorded diet.  From here, you will generate a nutrition report.  Go to the “Reports” tab, then click “Total Nutrition” to generate your report for the previous unit (make sure “Unit” is selected, and that you are on the last day of your recorded diet) and print.  I would also like you to print your daily diet for each of the days recorded.  Make sure that you print your diet and nutrition for each day.  You will want to make sure that you print the various reports as required by your instructor(20 pts).

When you are finished printing, you need to type approximately 500 words regarding flaws you see in your diet.  Points you should address include RDA values, calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake.  What can you do to address deficiencies or excess in your diet? 

Unit 4— This unit, you will be recording your daily diet while consciously eating healthier.  Try to adhere to RDA’s as much as possible while maintaining healthy quantities of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. (20 pts)

— As in the instructions for unit 2, print your total nutrition for unit 4, as well as your daily diets with nutrition. This unit also requires the approximately 500 word paragraph.

Unit 5— After this (Unit 5) you will write a summary (at least 1500 words) in which you compare your eating habits between the two different groups of data. Include the information you prepared in the first unit. Describe problems and setbacks, identify places you still need to improve, and explain what things would help you improve your eating habits. Be sure to include how your fiber, cholesterol, fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins (especially folate and C), and minerals (especially calcium, sodium and iron) compare to the RDAs for your sex and age–you may have to look some of these up on the web or in your book. The easiest way to write the paper is to compare “normal” to RDAs, then compare “healthy” to the RDAs, then compare “healthy” to “normal”, and then explain setbacks and describe how to improve your eating habits.  You may also address mood, weight, energy, etc. (45 pts, due week 5)

For your information, the RDA percentages are 20% protein, 25-30% fats and 55-60% carbohydrates.

As indicated on the syllabus, the total point value of this project is 100 pts.  Therefore, I urge you to approach this as if it were an exam.

Simply stating that you were unable to eat that day or you just could not seem to eat healthy is not adequate, there are other days of the unit and all I am asking for is 4 normal and 4 healthy days.  For each unit report, you should make mention of things like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals like sodium and anything else that is significantly different from the RDA.