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4413 M6 Journal Entry #3

4413 M6 Journal Entry #3

4413 M6 Journal Entry #3.

Journal reflections allow you to detail personal experiences and connect them to concepts within the lessons. Journaling assists in linking the realities of nursing practice to the classroom environment while growing your critical thinking abilities. Journal entries are written in your own words and do not require citations. Each journal entry should be at least one page long.

Answer the following:

  1. Reflect on at least one mentor who greatly influenced your growth as a nurse leader.
    1. What characteristics made them a great mentor?
  2. As your leadership and skills grow, so does your need for additional mentors. Explain how you would respectfully manage these important mentor relationships as they change.
    1. As the mentee, are you ready to appreciate your mentor and then move on? As the mentor, can you support your mentee while s/he does this?